Beauty All Around – Nature Appreciation on Canada’s East Coast

If you live in Canada’s Maritime provinces you got to experience some incredible weather this week. Records were shattered across the region with all time highs recorded 3 days in a row. While this may have some negative implications in terms of climate change, it certainly was an enjoyable preview of sunny days to come. Many people donned short-sleeves and got outside, myself included.

Off to the Farmer's Market

Saturday was the start of the sunny skies and Jarrod, Finlay and I headed into town to enjoy the weekend farmer’s market.

On the boardwalk at Greenwich National Park

Sunday found us all taking a hike through Greenwich National Park. Finlay got to experience his first outdoor picnic on the boardwalk. We are so lucky to have Greenwich in our backyard. It really is a beautiful spot year-round (the summer is when it shines, but fall and spring have a lot to offer, and the snowshoeing there in the winter is nice too) and it’s less than 20 minutes from our house.

Finlay and Mommy enjoy a picnic on the boardwalk!
Tuesday night walk.

Tuesday was simply gorgeous and Jarrod, Finlay and I headed out for a wonderful walk before supper to check out the beach and dunes by our property. .

Tuesday Beach Walk

While the time change was a bit hard on the system, it sure is nice to have the extra daylight to enjoy the evenings when Jarrod gets home from work!

Wednesday's Sunset

Wednesday found me in the office, but Jarrod and Finlay headed out for a wonderful day in Mt. Stewart. See Jarrod’s Blog Post. We had a lovely sunset Wednesday night (“Red Sky at Night….Sailor’s Delight!”)

One of "our" eagles!

Thursday was the star of the show! Temperatures hit 24C (which is a nice Summer day here on PEI, except this is March!). Finlay and I went to his baby playgroup with all the car windows down. When Finlay took his afternoon nap, I sat on the deck doing work. I was startled by screeching and put down my periodicals to find our 2 eagles soaring overhead. We have seen this couple many times before as they live just down the way from us. Occasionally, we’ve caught them fighting for territory with the osprey that lives on the lake. But this day was special as I had my camera handy and was able to capture a few close-ups.

The eagles nestled together on the island.

They were so close to me, that I could see individual feathers! They ended up flying to “Ram Island” just a few meters off of our property and settled down for what I can only guess to be mating rituals. I caught a few pictures with the telephoto lens, but it doesn’t do justice to the snuggling that they were doing. Yesterday night was capped off with yet another stunning sunset.

Thursday's Sunset!

And then today we re-entered reality. I bundled Finlay up for a walk today. We made it to the top of our road. Windswept and frozen, we decided it was too cold to venture any further and turned around and went back inside.     Snow is in the forecast for the weekend. That’s just how spring goes in the Maritimes. I guess I should just be thankful for the few glorious days we had!

"You're right Finlay...I don't need my sunglasses today. Brr!"
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6 thoughts on “Beauty All Around – Nature Appreciation on Canada’s East Coast

  1. I love the picture of the “snuggling eagles” the picture shows the change in place. Not just the eagles, but the open water in front of Ram Island and the layer of ice on the water behind. Great post!

  2. Beautiful sunsets. Nice eagle photos. And, of course, what a beautiful little boy!

    1. He’s a cutie! What a week….now we’re back to reality!

  3. Great pics Heather! People were flocking to Lawrencetown Beach here, how crazy were those temperatures- 27 degrees in mid-March!

    1. Amazing! It was a real treat, hopefully the warmth returns to us soon….I miss it already!

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